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Cheek Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries // Bichectomy

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In cheek plastic surgery, the Bichat adipose bags, located between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle, are reduced on both sides of the face.

These two muscles that allow the movements of mastication, need deposits of lubrication that in this case are the bags of Bichat. This procedure achieves an adequate profiling of the facial structures, highlighting the cheekbones and defining the mandibular ridge. After you have reached an agreement with the surgeon in the ideal procedure type according to your personal characteristics. It is necessary a preoperative study as well as one of blood, you must inform about the medicines you are consuming, it is very important that you be honest since it serves to know how much impact you will have during the surgery in addition you will have to quit a few days before.

This surgery lasts about 30 minutes, with local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, is performed by making two incisions inside the mouth very small, so the procedure leaves no visible scars, the patient can return home the same day of the intervention, Feeding will have to be soft, avoid exposure to the sun, take the medications recommended by the surgeon, do not make unnecessary efforts and can return to normal activities in a week.

The results of the plastic surgery of cheeks in Ciplastic are totally guaranteed, with a 100 percent satisfaction of all our patients since besides quality and good service, we have many years of experience and histories that support us.