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Plastic surgery of arms

Plastic surgeries // Brachioplasty

cirugia de brazos

Arm surgery is a surgical procedure that can remove excess flaccid skin hanging from the arms, remove excess fat deposits from the back of the arm and tighten the skin and improve the contour of the arms.

The lifting of the arms is done by an incision in the upper arm, and always trying to place it on the inside, so that the scar is not visible at first sight, it is through this incision when it begins to eliminate The fat, according to the existing amount can use the technique of liposuction or lipolaser, this way is finished with fat, which is the first problem, the second problem is to tighten the skin, and for this the surgeon must remove the skin Surplus, so that the rest adapts to the new form, offering us the best possible results .

Then wait a while, which will vary according to the amount of tissue that has been removed, in order to send the swelling and the area assimilate the new situation to see the final results. It is possible that during the recovery period some of the effects of surgery such as irritation or inflammation.

The reincorporation to the working life, usually takes place from the first week, depending on the work that is performed. During the first few days we should be careful with the affected area, and try to reduce the exercises and tasks that involve an effort in the arms.

The results of the plastic surgery of arms in Ciplastic are totally guaranteed, with a 100 percent satisfaction of all our patients since besides quality and good service, we have many years of experience and histories that support us.