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Breast augmentation

Plastic surgeries // Mammoplasty

cirugia de aumento de mamas

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery in which the structure and shape of the breasts is improved. It is considered as the most effective option to increase breast volume, restore natural breast volume, lost after pregnancy, weight changes or because of age.

Before performing the surgical procedure

You must agree with the surgeon on the type of implant you are going to use, the ideal size for the proportions of your body and how you will introduce the prostheses.

The surgeon requests laboratory tests, a preoperative study. The patient should inform the surgeon about all medications he is taking and discuss the impact he might have on the procedure. Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, or vitamin supplements that may increase bleeding. It is important to hydrate the skin with a body cream from a week before, It is recommended to stop smoking long before the procedure.

During surgery

Implants are usually placed under general anesthesia. It lasts about 40 minutes to one hour, the procedure is outpatient discharge after a few hours after leaving the operating room.

After surgery

To protect breast implants it is recommended not to make unnecessary efforts, to sleep carefully placing two pillows to the sides to avoid sudden movements, to have a lot of hygiene, to bathe with warm water, to not be exposed to the sun or to the heat, to stop smoking and to continue moisturizing the same To put on a moisturizer.

In order for them to return to normal activities, it is advisable to rest from two weeks to one month and to follow the indications that were previously given to achieve a better and lasting result..

If you want to perform another surgery you must wait at least a month or in case it is recommended to do the rhinoplasty surgery, liposculpture and mammoplasty at the same time.

The results obtained in Ciplastic are 100 percent safe and reliable, since all patients return home satisfied and convinced of the procedure.

The advantage that the patient obtains when performing the surgery in Ciplastic is that it has a safe operation with a satisfactory, guaranteed and lasting result.