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Neck lift

Plastic surgeries // Neck lift

cirugia lifting de cuello

The signs of aging appear first in the neck area, excess fat and flaccidity of the neck skin can be treated later with a facelift that will achieve a totally stretched neck, young and wrinkle free.

The patient must have reached an agreement with the surgeon about the actual and possible expectations that can be had after the surgery, first anesthesia is placed to the patient either general or local, then the surgeon will make incisions behind the ears and Others by the area where the hair is at the nape of the neck or the sides of the head, the scars are dissimulated quite well because the ears will not allow them to be seen and at the nape of the neck the hair will cover them. Through these incisions made by the surgeon will tighten the skin and neck muscles, the lifting procedure lasts approximately 1 to 3 hours.

At the end of the operation the surgeon will recommend using an elastic chinstrap, usually made of lycra, during the first two weeks. The purpose of using the chin rest is to "hold" well the area of the chin and that when you finally remove the neck is completely stretched.

The patient should ingest the medications that the surgeon will recommend, the stitches will be removed after 10 days, after one month the patient will be fully recovered.

The results of the neck lift in Ciplastic are totally guaranteed, with 100 percent satisfaction of all our patients since besides quality and good service, we have many years of experience and stories that support us.