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Glottal or mammary glottis

Plastic surgeries // Glottal or mammary glottis

cirugia de lipotransferencia

It consists of extracting fat from certain areas of the body through a liposuction and placing it in another area that needs the correction of imperfections or to give more volume in a specific area that we want, in this case the glutes or breasts. In addition, this technique is quite safe and free from rejections because the same fat is used to make the corrections or increase in size.

Before the intervention, the patient will have to reach an agreement with the doctor about the actual and possible expectations that can be had after the surgery, must have a correct cleaning and skin care, it is recommended that hydrate the skin daily with Firming creams from one week before the intervention to ensure a good elasticity and quality of the skin, both the areas to liposuction and areas to increase.

The duration of the intervention will depend on the number of areas to be treated, the amount of fat to be extracted and the volumes to be refurbished. The placement of fat and volume increase should be performed simultaneously to liposuction, so we are talking about a two-in-one procedure, general anesthesia is used, this helps the patient to have a comfortable postoperative and painless.