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Hand rejuvenation

Plastic surgeries // Hand Surgery

cirugia de manos

Having a careful hand is important if you want to stop the clock and avoid the years. Lack of hydration, small wounds that do not finish healing, roughness, or simply small spots that appear with the passage of time. At Ciplastic we have the best aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of the hands just for each type of patient.

Hand rejuvenation is a treatment that combines a chemical peeling, which exfoliates the skin of the hands in depth while revitalizing, mesotherapy with nourish it, hydrate it, protect it from free radicals and rejuvenate.

If we want to rejuvenate our hands and recover the tension and a healthier aspect, it is possible that just by injecting own fat is a solution. This will prevent them from seeing those annoying veins and all thanks to our own fat.

Infiltrations of hyaluronic acid offers spectacular results. With a small amount on the back of the hand, will improve the appearance of our hands and look more hydrated.

There are several options to rejuvenate our hands, something that every day becomes more important and therefore, new treatments and therapies appear to look young and healthy hands.

The results of hand rejuvenation at Ciplastic are fully guaranteed, with 100 percent satisfaction of all our patients since besides quality and good service, we have many years of experience and stories that support us.