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Plastic Surgery for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Plastic surgeries // Vaginoplasty

cirugia de vagina

Vaginoplasty consists of correcting alterations in the female genital tract that presents for different causes, the most frequent birth, allows to improve the sensitivity and aesthetic appearance of the vagina.

It is necessary that the patient has reached an agreement with the surgeon about the actual and possible expectations that can be had after the surgery as well as choose the appropriate procedure that will be performed since there are many techniques, the area will be checked to identify the problem, You will then be asked to have gynecological and laboratory tests.

If you have a vaginal infection you will have to treat it to continue, if you consume some type of medicine you must inform the surgeon as this can have an impact during the surgery as you will have to suspend others to avoid more bleeding.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is fully ambulatory.

The procedures are as follows:

Vaginal tightening can improve muscle tone lost by childbirth or muscle deterioration caused by aging or weakness.

You will be given recommendations for proper hygiene, avoiding stress, you will not be able to have sex for a month or more, the recovery time is between one and three weeks.

The results of the rejuvenation of the vagina in Ciplastic are totally guaranteed, with a 100 percent satisfaction of all our patients since besides quality and good service, we have many years of experience and histories that support us.